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National Entrepreneurship Week is coming!

How are you celebrating National Entrepreneurship Week (NEW) Feb. 21-28? Send a description of whatever you have planned to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will post it on the NEW website. Just to prime the creative pumps, here is a suggestion from the Generation E curricula:


The Generation E Institute is promoting the “Entrepreneurs Interview” during National Entrepreneurship week.  Middle school and high school age students will have an opportunity to meet local entrepreneurs and business owners in their classroom or organizational setting. Entrepreneurs attend and meet with a small group of students to answer predetermined questions in informal conversational setting. Upon completion, the students introduce their entrepreneur to the rest of the groups, sharing information that they learned during their interview. Rather than a panel setting, this process enables students to learn more about all of the entrepreneurs.

This lesson incorporates the social skills, communication, writing, and public speaking. In reflection, students discuss how every opportunity to meet with entrepreneurs and business owners has the potential to be a future job opportunity, a mentoring relationship, and the opportunity to create good will in the community.

This lesson is taken from the Teaching Success: New Directions in Entrepreneurial Education. For more information about Generation E curricula, please see or contact us at (269) 441-1238.



The 9th Annual National Entrepreneurship Week will be Awesome!

Be creative in making your entrepreneurship programs visible!


* REQUEST proclamations from state & local leaders.

* HONOR a local entrepreneur on the National Honor Roll of American Entrepreneurs.

* COMPETE... Students video an interview with their outstanding local entrepreneur.

* ALERT your state and local media to your creative celebrations.

* SHARE your ideas and success stories for posting on



Need Help?

Get ready for the interview by watching the Consortium E3 Webinar...
Designing Interviews to Build Community Youth Connections
by Cheryl Peters, Generation E Institute, Battle Creek, MI



Join the Consortium in honoring the men and women
that create the opportunities for us to all live in this nation
with the best standard of living in the world.

Your outstanding local entrepreneur will appreciate your efforts.






Trouble accessing the map above? Click here for a list of State Calendars.


See 2015 Proclamations

Nebraska's Governor Dave Heineman with Nebraska's NETForce members

Click here to view the list of proclamations




STATE DIRECTORS of Career & Technical Education said
"Entrepreneurship Skills are Extremely Important for the Future"

See research report entitled "The State of Entrepreneurship Education 2012" (Research Report)

and the Press Release.


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Video from John Klipfell, Entrepreneurial Engagement Ohio.

See the Video...

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SELF RELIANCE is the American Way
Research used in Cathy Ashmore's speech.


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Nominate Your Outstanding Local Entrepreneur during 2013

Learn How...

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Entrepreneurs Can Change the World

A must see for entrepreneurship education!

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Continue to Celebrate Entrepreneurship Activities Year Round.


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